Magazine Sport Volume 70, Issue 7

Las Lomas Boys Golf Is Back In Business

By Charlie Pentland

Graphic By Jane Wilson

Golf is often seen as a sport primarily enjoyed by older, retired people. However, with a new generation of younger golfers in high school, the game is now more widely spread. With the 2020 pandemic bringing most team sports to a halt, golf on a professional and amateur level has been able to resume before any other major team sport. This includes Las Lomas’s very own golf team, who has been able to practice since February.

While Las Lomas golf isn’t usually talked about when talking about LL sports, there are still a group of hardworking student-athletes who are dedicated to their sport the same way everyone else who plays a sport at Las Lomas is. One of these individuals is sophomore Cameron Malone. Malone began playing on the golf team with his brother Cian this year, and both said they’re enjoying it. When asked about being on the golf team, Cameron mentioned, “This year is actually my first year on the golf team, and I have enjoyed it a lot so far. It’s one of the sports that was really easy to play with COVID, so it hasn’t affected us [much] at all.” As mentioned previously, Las Lomas golf has been able to practice for their upcoming season since mid-February. Golf is allowed to be played under the most extreme measures of restrictions set up by the CIF.

With the boy’s golf team season already underway, Cameron has already played 3 matches. “The matches are basically usually held at Boundary Oaks or sometimes at other courses; [it] depends on the team we’re playing. Six players are chosen to play in the match from each team and 4 players (2 from each team) will go out in a group. You’ll play 9 holes and the lowest score of the 2 teams combined at the end wins.” Las Lomas’s “home course” is the Boundary Oaks Golf Course. Boundary Oaks is a public municipal golf course in Walnut Creek. Malone also mentions his practices are also held at this 18-hole course. “Our practices are held at Boundary Oaks Monday-Thursday and usually consist of some days on the driving range and other days on the course. We usually have 1-2 matches a week,” Malone further mentioned.

 Las Lomas Boys Golf is a member of the Diablo Foothill League, which is home to other schools such as Acalanes, Northgate, Campolindo and a few others. Las Lomas historically has been exceptional at golf taking home the league championship in 2019.

Brother of Cameron Malone, Cian, is a junior at Las Lomas who is also on the golf team. When asked about the expectations he and his teammates share for the season, he commented by saying, “The expectations for the golf team were to continue from the past 2 seasons. Coming off of an undefeated season in 2019 and only getting a couple of games in from 2020, the team wanted to keep the winning mentality going. Bringing in a lot of newcomers, returning players made sure to lead them and get them in on the winning mentality. This season has been going good so far, and we hope we can continue to make a strong push in the league and the postseason.” With expectations high with a healthy mix of returning varsity players and plenty of new ones, the Knights continue to push on through a rough 0-3 start.

With months of prior preparation before the season began, Las Lomas hopes to capture another league title with a dedicated group of guys. It’s easy to see that this group knows a lot about determination, as they’ve been practicing while in the midst of a major global pandemic. Even so, the road will not be easy for them, as they’re starting the season with an 0-3 record. They have until just April to turn things around.