Features Magazine Volume 70, Issue 7

Leadership Activities During COVID-19

By: Dominic Gewecke

March 16, 2021, was the first day that the Hybrid learning schedule was put into place for AUHSD schools. Since the beginning of distance learning, AUHSD leadership classes have been working on ideas for how to continue their activities, especially for when Hybrid learning started.

Since Contra Costa County has returned to the red tier and we have started the new Hybrid schedule, leadership is planning to start doing lunchtime activities for students. Brooke Palma, a member of the Acalanes High School leadership class, said, “So, we’re doing a couple things. We are doing an in-person car decorating with the seniors, which will be pretty fun and it’s usually a senior event, but we decided to try it out and have something for juniors to interact in.”

         When asking Maddie Thompson, a Las Lomas leadership student and junior, about how they have been doing activities during COVID-19 and their plans, she said, “Leadership during COVID-19 is definitely a big change. We cannot host our annual Homecoming like normal, the class is split due to students choosing Hybrid or remote and COVID-19 in general has made an impact on our class.” Every class has been affected by the pandemic in a variety of ways, but for leadership, it has had a greater impact due to the needed interaction that goes into not only planning the events but putting on the events themselves. For this reason, Thompson said, “We have mainly been planning more than hosting events recently. Since conditions for big events are not the best right now, we are not able to gather in big groups and have the events we are so used to. During COVID-19 lots of our events have been virtual.” Some of these events have been the senior car parade, Halloween costume contests, at-home scavenger hunts, an online CARE Week with speakers and presentations, and dress-up days.

Ever since March of 2020, school has changed more than what seemed possible. All classes have been drastically affected by this, but they have also spent all this time not letting COVID-19 stop them from doing the best they can in order to endure all of these hurdles. Leadership is just one of the classes accomplishing what is currently possible along with planning for the future: “We are trying our best to plan the next year and hope for COVID-19 to be better,” Thompson said.