Entertainment Magazine Volume 70, Issue 9

Spending Their Final Summer

By Dominic Gewecke

Finishing off a very unique year, the Senior Class of 2021 will get to enjoy their last summer with their friends before heading their separate ways. Most people around this age have gotten their vaccines or are in the process of getting them, so many are looking forward to an enjoyable summer.

I interviewed a couple of seniors to see what their summer plans are. Some stated how they’re going to try to spend a lot of time with their friends. Cam Barton said, “My friends and I are planning trips after we all get vaccinated.” Other students have planned  senior trips with friends, such as Jessica Hallock, who said, “I am probably going to take a senior trip with two of my friends to Cabo or Mexico. I have a few trips to Tahoe planned.” 

Other students have mainly been looking forward to making some last memories with their friends before leaving Walnut Creek. Ethan Clymer said, “This summer I’ll be going on vacation to Minnesota like I always do, hopefully getting a job, and just relaxing and having fun with my friends before we all go our separate ways this fall.” Another senior, Carly Evans, is also focused on this: “I’m planning on spending as much time with my friends as possible before college since I probably won’t be able to see my friends for awhile when college starts, and maybe go on some road trips and just get my stuff for college in order.”

From the few seniors I’ve interviewed it’s easy to see how big students’ plans are after going through a very tough year with COVID-19. This year has been so different for the senior class, so they are all hoping for the best summer possible.