Features Magazine Volume 70, Issue 8

The Outlook of Not-Homecoming

By: Yasmeen Anwar

Homecoming is typically one of the most anticipated events of the year, ending it with a plethora of different activities that students can look forward to and participate in. Las Lomas students would decorate the halls and the football team would prepare for the big game. They would form teams to participate in Mock Rock, prepare for Powerpuff, strategize for the Amazing Race, dress up for the dance – all to begin the first couple months of the school year with a bang. 

However, just as we’ve seen through the last thirteen months, the pandemic has changed things. This year, Homecoming is known as Not-Homecoming, and the atmosphere around it has completely changed.

Junior and Leadership student, Maddie Thompson, gave an overview of most of the events that they had planned – Movie Night, Amazing Race, and Car Parade. Leadership would still decorate the halls, yet she knew that they would be more empty than the years prior. She said, “I feel like not that many people will show up, and that’s a hard thing about being in leadership and having events like [Movie Night], especially during the pandemic.”

Many events ended up being canceled – the Homecoming game, Mock Rock, Powerpuff – all of which contributed heavily to the excitement of the students. Their absence this year has limited interest in Not-Homecoming.

Thompson also revealed that not many students even knew about Not-Homecoming, mainly due to the fact that it isn’t advertised as much compared to previous years. There have been emails sent out, Canvas notifications, and even social media updates, but needless to say, it isn’t the same as being surrounded by the in-person atmosphere. The conversation involving Homecoming and its events are usually almost constant leading up to it, but discussion is happening less due to fewer students being around each other as a result of the pandemic. Thompson said, “A lot of students actually aren’t really informed that we’re really doing [Not-Homecoming], maybe they’re not paying attention to stuff, but it’s not as advertised as in the past, but students aren’t that excited.”

Thompson looks forward to the normalcy of next year, where the excitement will return and the halls will be filled with students once again. For this year, though, she says, “Well, I think everyone should try and participate in [Not-Homecoming]. I know it’s not Homecoming, but it’s all we kind of have right now. And for the underclassmen, I hope that you guys can get your Homecoming in years to come.”