Magazine Sport Volume 70, Issue 8

The Return of Sports at Las Lomas

By Dominic Gewecke

For this last quarter of the school year, sports have finally been allowed to have a season. Just recently, many women’s sports have been starting their seasons such as volleyball, softball, soccer, lacrosse and more. Sports are very important to many women at Las Lomas. When asking three student athletes at Las Lomas how significant this season is to them, and how they expect their team to do, we have their thoughts to share.

Melisa Saindon, a sophomore softball player, said, “The season is pretty important to me because it’s good to go out and play other teams. I’m really excited to play again, especially since Corona made all sports stop and what I expect from my team this season is teamwork and to have fun.” Sabrina Mintz, a sophomore volleyball player, said, “This [the season] is very important to me because it got postponed for so long. I am very excited to play, and I expect my team to do pretty well this season.” Sydney Haworth, a sophomore lacrosse player, said, “This season was important to be because with the pandemic going on it gave me something to look forward to in regards to seeing my friends and getting out of the house. I was very excited to play because I wanted to see what it was going to be like moving forward in sports. I expect my team to be very excited about the season and have a lot of energy toward playing well.”

After reading the interviews, you may notice how the responses from each student were very similar, such as how this season felt important because it was constantly getting postponed, or how they all expect their team to have positive chemistry together for a good season.

The excitement from many people because of sports opening back up is really understandable when thinking about how much this pandemic has affected so many people around the world in many different ways. With vaccine distribution up and COVID-19 cases going down, many events have opened back up or are close to opening back up, which is a really important thing for so many people. For different people, sports are a hobby and a stress reliever. Sports finally opening back up at Las Lomas is another step on the road to life going back to normal.