Features Magazine Volume 70, Issue 8

How Have Students Grades Changed Throughout COVID-19

By Mateo Requejo-Tejada

Graphic By Jackie Veliz

Eight months into distance school, numerous students have mastered the learning curve of Zoom. However, the multiple aspects of COVID-19 still account for the struggle that many still face with their grades. Samuel Westbrook, a Las Lomas junior, said, “There have been times in which I’ve simply focused on maintaining my mental health during these difficult times. Which of course, would cause my grades to slip and would tend to create a vicious cycle.” The balance between school and mental health is a common theme between most students, and exactly what many are wrestling with this year. 

Although the negatives of COVID-19 have overwhelmed the positives, for some, online school has been beneficial. Sandra Safein, Las Lomas junior, commented, “It has made it keeping up with grades much easier for me and has allowed to me to adjust my toxic habits of procrastination because now, I have a better sense of my time, instead of being rushed as I had previously felt attending school in person.”

Many students fall in between the spaces of amazing grades and falling grades. Cameron Tran, a Las Lomas junior said, “COVID hasn’t made keeping up with my grades any harder than actual school (at least for me). Sure, in person and online are two wildly different experiences but they both have the same goal: to do well.” In one way or another, Las Lomas students have had to find new ways to adapt to online school, and many have taken steps to hold themselves accountable. Safein added that in order to keep up with her work, she started using a planner: “I learned to write everything that teachers posted in my planner so that I could refer to it anytime I wasn’t sure if I was forgetting to complete an assignment.”
Each student has adapted in their own way to meet personal needs. While many briefly staggered on the school aspect, they were still able to take care of themselves and that is truly something to be proud of. COVID-19 has been more than a school adjustment or routine change. For many, it has forced a shift of mindset. Westbrook similarly said, “Obviously, COVID has done more harm than good but when it comes to me as an individual I have definitely changed the way I prioritize things in my life. Which has made a major impact on how I view the world and the people around me.”