Magazine Sport Volume 70, Issue 8

Las Lomas Sports Seasons Starting

By Charlie Pentland

With the return of indoor dining and relaxed COVID-19 restrictions comes more and more opportunities for Las Lomas sports to open. With the official league season for sports such as baseball, football and soccer already underway, there is finally a sense of normalcy sweeping over the Las Lomas campus for the first time in over a calendar year. 

If one were to venture onto the Las Lomas football field two months ago they would see an empty track and barren field. Fast forward to today and after school, you can see the Las Lomas cross country team running the track, the football team practicing on the field, and the baseball team practicing just behind them. Amongst the athletes on the field is sophomore lacrosse player Salam Alrawi. Alrawi is about to undergo his second season with Las Lomas and is very excited to be taking to the field with his teammates again. “The coronavirus pandemic was hard on us all,” commend Alrawi.“I’m just so excited to finally wear the maroon and gold and take the field with all of my friends again.” While Alrawi has been unable to play for Las Lomas in the past months, he has been able to stay in shape playing with his club team and enjoyed traveling around the country playing in tournaments. When asked how he believes his skill has improved over the past year he replied by saying, “My game has improved a lot. I have a net at my house and have been putting in a lot of time refining my craft. Over the past year, I’ve turned into a completely new player and cannot wait to see how I play this season!” While the lacrosse season has yet to go underway, football has just concluded its 2021 season with varsity finishing with a 1-4 record and JV with a 2-3 record.

Ryan Rodriguez played a major role on the junior varsity team this year, being a leader on the offensive line. Rodriguez has improved greatly this season and has stepped into a leadership role with the team. “The football team and I as an individual improved greatly throughout the season.” Rodriguez learned a lot mentally as well. He added on by saying, “Eventually losing the game taught me and the team that even if you are down bad you can climb your way out of any hole but you can’t be satisfied with just being back to even if you have to keep going and pushing to a higher point in football and in life.” With a sophomore heavy team, a lot of these players will move up to the varsity level next year and hope to get the team back on track, such as years prior to this one.

Hot off two preseason wins and an opening day victory over Clayton Valley, Greyson Devine hopes to continue his early-season success with the varsity baseball team. Now in his junior year, Devine has aspirations of taking his skill to a college level. When asked about his early season success he said “ I have been putting together some really good at bats and have done a nice job in the field. My teammates’ bats have also been hot and we have really good team chemistry.” When asked about overall expectations for this year’s team, Divine spoke about the level of talent players have showcased this year. “ We have some seniors who are playing at a super high level right now. I don’t see any reason why we should lose many games.”There are big expectations going forward for the Knights as in recent years they have made NCS appearances and have held a 25-6 record over the past two seasons. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no Knights sports teams will be able to engage in an NCS playoff. While this does take away a major part of the high school sports season, it does not take away from any of the competitive edge Las Lomas student-athletes have.

As the 2020-2021 school year winds down, Las Lomas sports are still going strong. At some points in the year students and administration believed there would be no sports through Las Lomas. The CIF and administration fought for the sports season by having strict COVID-19 guidelines set in place to ensure student and staff safety while also still cultivating a competitive atmosphere.