By Katelyn To

Graphic from Madeline Dell

This March, students were asked to submit a picture of their pet in a spring outfit to prepare for the upcoming season. Within days, The Page received 11 wonderful responses, and a school-wide survey was conducted to vote for the best pets in the following categories: “Cutest,” “Most Creative,” “Best Fits the Theme” and “Best Overall.” Each winner will also receive a gift card for them and their pet. Keep reading to find out the winners of each category. 

Emma and Rocky proved that two is better than one. Sophomore Angelina Schapiro’s adorable French bulldogs won the “Cutest” category but seemed to be a fan-favorite, receiving at least 14.5% of votes in each category. The pair is shown wearing matching, bright-colored bow ties while admiring a blue butterfly—a perfect picture for spring.

Garnering a whopping 51.3% of the votes, Mochi (pronounced moh-kee) won the contest for “Most Creative.” Sophomore Madeline Dell dressed Mochi, a greyhound, in a blue tie-dye outfit underneath a colorful, flower-like costume. Mochi also stands in front of green foliage, ready for spring. 

After a tight race between two pets, Pinky finally took the prize for “Best Fits the Theme,” with 33 out of 117 votes. Pinky, a Chihuahua mix who is also deaf and blind, wears a charming pink dress and stands within a matching pink flower bush. Congratulations to sophomore Dana Rodriguez-Castillo for this spring-tastic photo. 

Last but not least, after an even closer race among all contestants, the final category for “Best Overall” goes to freshman Aria Kim-Brown’s dog Arlo. Arlo, a beagle, stands firmly behind three golden flowers, basking in the warmth on a sunny day.