Features Magazine Volume 70, Issue 8

Summer Before College

By Roxy Schneider 

Graphic By Jennifer Notman

Summer is fast approaching, with the excitement of college on the horizon. It is the first summer for seniors to not worry about AP classes and where they are going for college. For many people, it’s the last time they will see their friends for a few months. Having those final three months with friends and family is a big part of seniors’ final months before packing up and starting a new life.

I sent out a survey to the senior class on what their plans were for this summer. Whether their plans were to spend it with friends, family, working or traveling. 73.3% of seniors all said that they were planning on working this summer in order to save some money for college or moving to another city for community college. While working was a big one for seniors, traveling was the biggest. 93.3% of seniors all said they planned to travel. A popular trip for a lot of seniors was going to the beach, whether that was Santa Cruz or San Francisco. Other seniors plan to travel the world, such as going to Tokyo, Italy and Mexico. While some seniors are traveling the world, others plan to kick back at home and relax all summer long. 

In the survey, every senior said that they planned to spend their summer vacation with their friends and family. When the survey asked what fun things seniors had planned for this summer, many responded “sleeping.” Being able to sleep with nowhere to be exciting for many seniors.