Magazine News Volume 70, Issue 8

Wellness Center Activities

By Ally Hoogs

Graphic By Jane Wilson

Throughout the year, the Wellness Center has held various webinars and talks, and offered opportunities for students to access mental health resources for students on and off campus. Some events take place on  Zoom or there are sign-ups for confidential counseling during lunch. These activities are promoted on the school website and in the weekly email sent out by Principal Benson. 

Wellness Coordinator Amelia Whalen explained that through these opportunities, students can connect through “mindfulness workshops, cooking classes, and other activities.” The Wellness Center is working hard to provide a safe space for student support, counseling, and mental health education. 

Sophomore Grayson Wylie mentioned that although he did not participate in any wellness activities, “From the way it has been advertised it seems as though it is well-coordinated and easily accessible.”

Others, however, find themselves struggling more. A Las Lomas student, wishing to remain anonymous, said that “it made everything worse” once they were sent to the hospital to receive further help apart from the wellness center.

In a survey of eight students, seven agreed that the activities are helpful for those who participate. Six agreed that planning could be better with more promotion on social media such as Instagram and via the leadership class. One student added, “There could either be more events or better advertising. From my perspective, the majority of the student body is unaware of the opportunities for wellness activities.”  In the survey, many other students also explained that they have not heard a lot about these activities, and did not know events were planned for the student body. 

During the year, the Wellness Center has served more than 250 students so far, and is always available to support all students in times of need. If you are in need of counseling or mental health resources, visit the Las Lomas Wellness Center on the school’s homepage and fill out a google form through Ms. Whalen.