By: Riley Martin

Fashion is all about expression and typically the seasons influence fashion through colors and styles of clothing. As fall is in full swing, we see this change from summer inspired clothing to colder weather and warmer color tones. 

Freshman Ela Asarvala

Las Lomas Freshman Ela Asaravala is excited to see how fall will influence her current style. Her philosophy behind creating an outfit is centered around a realistic monetary standpoint. She said, “Especially nowadays, I feel like some people think that you have to have a lot of money to be able to have a good sense of style which isn’t necessarily true. An outfit can be great no matter the price!” This philosophy manifests through simple but noteworthy accessorizing which she demonstrated in her outfit in the photograph. When describing her fashion in one word, she said, “uninhibited,” an adjective she wishes to fulfill in the majority of, if not all of her outfits. 

Junior Nadya Novichkova

Las Lomas junior Nadya Novichkova has a personal relationship with her own fashion and what it stands for within herself. Novichkova realized the direct correlation between her style and mental health: “Something that has inspired my style is definitely my mental space; wearing a fun outfit that I’m comfortable in and feeling myself starts my day off better.” In addition to her style allowing her to feel more comfortable within her skin, it also allows her to break from traditional trends and illustrate more authenticity. She said, “It is also a way to express myself and I think dressing the way that I want to has helped me become more of myself.” In this fall season she is most excited for cold weather and the fashion that comes along with it: “Fall is a time for old sweaters.” She looks forward to new fall trends she expects to see and is always looking to try out those trends as long as she has her staple clothing item, “any type of jeans.”

Las Lomas Senior Lee Madsen

Las Lomas senior Lee Madsen has developed a foundation of clothing items for the season of fall: “As fall comes around, I usually get out the pants and vests.” It doesn’t stop there, they also enjoy thriving and build their outfit from that. This foundation allows them to shop in order to build on what their current foundation is. They said, “I usually wear skirts, but I love going out to buy some new clothes to prepare for the end of the warm weather. I really enjoy the year round shopping sprees that are brought about by the seasonal changes!” The specifics of these shoppings sprees typically vary, but there is one constant in their wardrobe, an essential: Doc Martens. 

Senior Bryant Odena

Las Lomas senior Bryant Odena categorizes his fashion as a “combination of grunge and indie.” He reflects on both his culture and identity and uses it to inspire his outfits: “I get my inspiration from Asian fashion mostly from an influencer named” He uses this inspiration and executes it “by thrifting; I tend to look for earth colors, like browns and greens.” His enjoyment of earth-toned clothing fits right in with the fall season and he looks forward to reaching the full potential of his outfits this season, as the weather more accurately reflects his style. He said, “My style is mostly layers and made for colder weather.”