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Las Lomas Community:

Almost a week ago, the Las Lomas’ girls varsity tennis team competed in the Diablo Athletic League championships. The DAL is the local athletic league that orchestrates all sports-related competitions. You can visit their homepage here or type to learn more about any upcoming competitions.  

This year is the first time Las Lomas has had two female singles players make it to the finals. The players include winner Eden Fong and the runner-up Mina Koloski. They are the best in DAL, both being undefeated this season. Not only are they considered Las Lomas’ best tennis players, they’re both only sophomores, which means their future in high school tennis is very promising, according to coach Jason Tong.

Fong already qualifies for the North Coast Section, the next step in this tournament, and Tong is working on getting Koloski in the tournament too. The NCS for singles and doubles is going to be played on November 15th, one week from Monday. You can learn more about the competition at or here. The Page staff and everyone at Las Lomas wishes the best of luck to both the girls.

Written by ARIA KIM-BROWN, Journalism 1 Writer

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