Written By: Riley Martin

Graphics By: Abby Halverstadt

Las Lomas junior Sabrina Mintz uses 70s and 80s inspiration as a foundation (with hints of modern fashion) to fulfill her style. She’s delighted to delve back into her comfort area of baggier clothing. She said, “Dressing warm with baggy clothes is easier than dressing for hotter weather,” and that winter allows her to use “more bland clothes to layer with and customize,” automatically personalizing her outfit. She spices it up by adding accessories: “I also like to accessorize with necklaces and some rings.” Mintz prioritizes properly expressing herself through style and said, “I have also thought that by dressing how you actually want to dress rather than how you are expected to, you have more fun and feel more free.”

To Las Lomas junior Faisal Dickey, fashion isn’t just clothes. He said, “It’s a way to express yourself without having to use words . . . to really think about what you want for that day and work hard to create your vision so you can wear it proudly.” He believes that fashion, amongst only a few things, is something universal that can both unite communities and inspire the people within them. The confidence in self-expression can be contagious. As he said, “I feel more inspired to try something different when I see other people wearing what they like and being confident in themselves.” Dickey advises that an easy way to establish one’s confidence in expression is to have a staple item that they know they love and can feel confident in, and said, “Mine is a fluffy pullover.”

Las Lomas senior Grace Lindsay said “coziness” is the priority of her fashion for winter. She walks the line of comfortable and stylish, maintaining a balance between the two. When asked what aesthetic she most closely resonates with, she said, “If I had to choose one, I would say the Granola aesthetic . . . ” Her love of the outdoors and nature guides her style as earth tones and brands like Patagonia are ever present in her wardrobe. She said, “It’s more rewarding to be in an outfit that’s comfortable [and] cute, and I can do a lot of things like hike or anything outdoorsy.” Lindsay said, “Jeans are an absolute must,” as they fulfill her need for variability in her numerous activities.

Las Lomas senior Cami Tran thrives during the cold winter months because they allow him more creative license with his fashion. He said, “Compared to the unbearable heat waves of summer when I am limited to T-shirts and shorts, the cold temperature of winter practically forces me to dress for the weather—but hey, I’m not complaining.” Winter is his time to exercise this seasonal creative freedom. As he said, “I always love to experiment and try on different colors, clothes, and styles in my pursuit of being the coolest kid on the block.” Even with these experiments there are two items he maintains: jackets and necklaces. He said, “I always look to incorporate jackets into my everyday style because not only are they comfy and easy to wear, but they are stylish!” Throughout his journey of finding his style, Tran has maintained that above all else, and said, “When you feel that you look good, you gonna feel good.”