AUHSD Election Results

By Cecil Dean

Midterm results season is upon us. While perhaps the AUHSD school board election doesn’t seem very important compared to the election of senators and representatives, it is the one which will affect you the most directly. It’s important to know about your local government, especially the ones who help make crucial decisions about the place you spend most of your time: school. While election results are not yet final and certified (they will be confirmed on December 16th by the Secretary of State), we can use voter statistics to determine with substantial accuracy which three candidates will be elected to the school board. The following is a debrief on the three projected winners. 


Received 27.22% of votes (36,085)

 Jennifer Chen received more votes than any other candidate, securing a place for herself on the AUHSD school board. Chen is a “WaLamorinda” resident with two kids in the public school system. She has held a career for 22 years as a clinical social worker, working in different schools, organizations and communities to create ethical and effective policies so “families can thrive.” Passionate about learning for all ages, Chen has worked as adjunct faculty at UCLA, USC and LMU. In this position, Chen facilitated the learning and professional development of rising mental health professionals. She is endorsed by all four mayors across the AUHSD and all members of the Moraga Town Council. In addition to that, she has been endorsed by the President of the AUHSD Governing Board, Kristen Connelly, as well as several other prominent local government officials.


Received 23.70% of votes (31,420)

Christopher Severson received the second greatest amount of votes, taking the second available spot on the AUHSD school board. Severson has worked as an Emergency Medicine Physician at Kaiser Permanente since 2005 and was on the Board of Trustees for the Orinda Union School District for four years. His top three priorities as a school board member are giving special attention to student wellness, maintaining a superior state of public education and providing efficient deployment of scarce resources. Severson is endorsed by members of the Acalanes Union Board of Trustees, the Lafayette Union Board of Trustees and the Orinda Union Board of Trustees. Additionally he is endorsed by several different city council members and California state senator Steve Glazer. 


Received 23.41% of votes (31,038)

Following closely behind Severson is Nancy Kendzierski, taking the third open spot as an AUHSD school board member. Kendzierski has been an active community member and parent since moving to the area in 1995. She has twelve years of experience on the executive board of PTAs, has been a Moraga Education Foundation director since 2005 and has five years of experience on the AUHSD board. Kendzierski’s top three priorities are to support the district’s strong academic focus and performance, maintain fiscal stability, and to work closely with parents and community to continue to “enhance their invaluable support”. Kendzierski is endorsed by members of various school Boards of Trustees and Glazer. 

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