2019-2020 Staff

Vanessa Jamieson, class of 2020, has been a part of the Journalism class since her freshman year. She was a writer and News Editor for two years before being promoted to and Editor-In-Chief her junior year. She contributed to the Yom HaShoah film as the narrator and script writer. Additionally, she spent two weeks with the School of the New York Times studying Investigative Journalism in the summer of 2018. 

Kylia Blackstock is a part of the 2020 class, and has been in Journalism since she began Las Lomas. She started as a writer her Freshman year before being promoted to Editor-In-Chief her Junior year. She has worked on numerous projects including the Yom HaShoah film documentary, and contributes to the layout design of the Page.

Christy Knudson is a senior in her second year of working for the Page as the Head of Photography. She works freelance full time as the owner of her multimedia business, Chris Knudson Media, an assistant for Amanda Wei Photo, an outsource editor for The Mogli, a production assistant and social media manager for Radix Troupe Productions, and a house photographer for Brick & Mortar SF. 

Zoot is the head of graphics for the Las Lomas Page. He is a highly trained professional graphic designer with remarkable skills.

Marcus Lin is a senior in his sixth year of journalism study. This will be Lin’s second year serving as the Creative Director of the Page, and working with the film and photo division. You can find Lin with a camera in hand at every major Las Lomas event. This year, Lin will be helping foster a new generation of photographers with photo head Christy Knudson. In June, Lin became the youngest media specialist in MLB and NFL history, signing with the Giants and Raiders. This year, Lin hopes to pass on his legacy and train new students in media.

Madison Lakin is class of 2020 and is currently in her third and final year of working at the Page. In her first year of The tage she worked as editor of the opinions and columns section, and in her second year she took over co-Online Editor-in-Chief, where she redesigned the website and gave it a new look. In her last year she hopes to transfer over her job of layout and online operations. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her friends and making music playlists.

Entering into his third year working for the Page, Lukas Carbone, class of 2021, is the current joint Online Editor-in-Chief and the Magazine News Editor of the Page; he interested in Journalism due to his interest in politics and writing, and in his spare time, he enjoys learning about history and current affairs.

Sasha Slavnovaskaya is in the class of 2021 and has been working for the Page since 2018. She is currently enrolled as the business manager who is in charge of keeping track of finance and other accounting data. Additionally, she looks for businesses who are willing to be advertised in return for money which is used for the improvement of the Page. 

Molly Scanlon is in the class of 2020, has worked on The Page for 2 years now as the Entertainment Section Editor. Besides Journalism, Molly is interested in psychology and social services, and hopes to be a foster mom one day. She loves her dogs, friends, and family, and spends a majority of her time working on her bullet journal. 

Grace Gonsalves is in the class of 2021 and has worked on the Page for two years now as Features Section Editor. Outside the fences of Las Lomas, she can often be seen hiking in the open space with her friends, slipping in the mud or preventing her (tiny) dog from attacking strangers. She watches so many movies that she practically lives at the theater; but don’t worry, she balances her popcorn consumption with volleyball.

Joshua Morgan had been writing for SB Nation’s California Golden Blogs for three years before joining the Page for his senior year. Josh is a huge sports fan and will be covering Las Lomas sports all year long. He is currently the online sports media chief.

Ella is a features writer and a photographer for The Page. She is also the Social Media Manager and handles the various accounts the Page has. This is her second year on the staff and she plans to write for the Page again next year. 

Yiying Zhang is a sophomore working for the Page. During his two years of service, he has worked both as the photography equipment manager and sports photographer. His job is mainly hunting people down for not signing out equipment and yelling in their face for losing a lens cap. Outside of Las Lomas, he is a model rocketer passionate about building ICBMs. 

Kate Beeby is a staff writer and head copy editor for The Page along with her bestie, Caroline. This is her second year in journalism, and she is very excited to see the page continue to grow this year. In her free time she likes to play golf, watch ESPN, and walk her dog, Sophie.

Mateo Requejo-Tejada, class of 2022, is in his second year of working with Journalism, however it is his first year of being in the actual class. Last year Mateo worked as a Free-Lancer for Journalism during which he worked on the feature for Black History Month, interviewing several staff members and administrators of the Acalanes school district. He also assisted on a featurette about his school’s band.

Jane Wilson is in the class of 2022, and is one of the photographers for the Page. She is a newcomer to the Page staff and is excited to learn more about the media in journalism. Wilson enjoys taking both sports and portrait photography, and occasionally working on films.

Susan Rahimi is a part of the class of 2021, and joined the Page staff last year. She looks forward to interviewing people in her community and becoming more involved in her school environment. Outside of Las Lomas, you can find her head stuffed in a book or stressing out about her future.

Madison Laxamana is in the class of 2021 and has been a part of Journalism for two years now as a writer and graphic designer. Outside of Journalism, Madison dedicates the majority of her time playing volleyball and practicing on improving her art. She has also began to study architecture and psychology in which she is hoping to succeed in the near future.

Adrian Watkins, from the class of 2020, is now in his second year with the Page. He first started out as a writer, but now he has taken a stronger position, becoming the Sports Editor.

Zeyada Negasi is a part of the class of 2022, and is a photographer for the Page. She’s excited to be a part of the class for her second year, and enjoys contributing to each magazine issue.

Alyssa Clouston is a part of the class of 2023 in her first year working for the Page. She is both a writer and a graphic designer in Journalism. When she’s not in school, she spends her time playing Water Polo for Las Lomas High School.

Caroline Johnston has been on the Page staff for two years and is in the class of 2021. She is head copy editor along with her bestie, Kate, and she is a staff writer as well. She likes working for the Page because it is very rewarding. In her free time she enjoys playing golf, eating soft-serve ice cream, and watching Wheel of Fortune

Mya Rafferty is in the class of 2022, she has been part of Journalism for two years and is a staff writer mostly for basically any article she is intrigued in. She was also part of last year’s film, Yom HaShoah, as an interviewer, and hopes to be part of more films.

In Grade 11, Jessica Hill has written for Journalism for one year. Formerly the Features Editor for the Page Online, she now writes for the the Page’s magazine, enjoying writing Opinions/Columns pieces the most, and is in its film department. When not reading or writing, she enjoys playing story-heavy video games such as those in the Life is Strange series. Some of her favorite songs are “Mayday” by Dreamcatcher, “the fall” by half•alive, and “Angel” by beabadoobee.

Katelyn To is a writer for the Page. She is currently in her third year of high school and is looking forward to graduating. In her free time, Katelyn likes to listen to music and spend all her money on boba, but most of the time she can be found stuck in her chair doing homework or watching Netflix. If she won the lottery, she would like to attend many concerts and fly around the world. But while she keeps on dreaming, she will continue to work her minimum wage job.

Nolan Runkle is a part of Las Lomas Class of 2021, and self-identifies a gamer. He spends most of his time procrastinating school work by playing video games, baking, or cooking. His friend forced him to take Journalism, but since then he grew to like the class, and writing on his own. His favorite food is gum, and his favorite flavors are watermelon or spearmint. He occasionally writes and does graphics for the Page.

Al McLeroy is a 16 year old Junior at Las Lomas High School. This is his second year on the Page staff and he specializes in whatever the staff needs him to do. He likes to shoot photos, write articles and edit graphics. When he’s not working on the Page, he’s probably asleep. 

Charlie Rosen is a writer in his third year in Journalism, and is a senior at Las Lomas. He typically writes for the sports section but enjoys writing on any topics. His goal for the year is to improve his writing skills and have a fun and successful senior year.

 In Grade 11 currently, Jessica has been a writer in Journalism for one year thus far, in which she was the features editor for the Page Online. She now writes for the the Page’s magazine and is in its film department. Jessica enjoys writing opinions/columns pieces the most. When she isn’t reading fiction or writing stories, Jessica enjoys playing story-heavy video games such as those in the Life is Strange series. Some of her favorite songs are “Chase Me” by Dreamcatcher, “the fall” by half•alive, and “Home Alone” by beabadoobee.

Class of 2022 student Jack Abells has been writing for the Page for their second year now. They write mostly news articles and work on laying out pages.  They have also been proclaimed a “style god.” Will they this divine praise go to their head?  Yes.

Class of 2022 Cameron Lippincott is entering his second year writing for the Page. He mainly covers basketball and baseball during their respective seasons.

Jake Schoenholz is in his second year of Journalism and is in 10th grade. He is class of 2022 and writes for the sports section in the Page. Also, he is interested in taking on a bigger role in the next few years. Sometimes he will write for different sections in the Page if he finds a story that is interesting to him. Overall, he wants to continue to strengthen his writing skills.

Cael Hill, class of 2022 has been working with journalism for the past two years. He has worked on many big projects with us including the Yom HaShoah film documentary, a Black History Month article, and many sports articles. He is currently in 10th grade, the second year of high school, even though he is so young he is very talented and a valued member of the journalism team. A simple picture cannot truly depict how amazing he is. He is the blackbone of journalism, working in photography both sports and portraits as well as sports writing. Triple threat?